About Richard Le
Richard Le is a credit consultant, cash flow coach, and mortgage loan officer from Orange County, California. He dropped out of college after his freshman year, at the time he was living with his mother, brother, and sister. They had recently had their only car repossessed and were about to be evicted from their apartment. 

Determined to help out his family he went out and sought opportunity. He stumbled into the finance industry and started getting the education that he never got from school. He spent the last 8 years helping people in all aspects of finance anywhere from credit repair, student loan forgiveness, debt management, increasing cash flow, and providing mortgage loans for them to acquire their dream home and invest in real estate. 

His years of experience have enabled him to escape humble beginnings and today he consistently has helped train and build other 6 figure and multiple 6 figure earners. He has always said the only reason to build wealth is to be able to go back and help those who can't help themselves. His proudest award and accolade is the Children's Hunger Fund Championship Award he won in 2012.

He believes strongly in taking FULL responsibility for one's life and tries to inspire individuals to build the life of their dreams rather than wait for the winning lottery ticket or their ideal political candidate to fix their life for them. He believes that by inspiring others to work hard and improve their finances it will create a ripple effect that will ultimately improve the lives of the people around them as well. 

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