I help people buy their dream home and invest in real estate.
I believe that you are only one decision away from completely changing your finances and your life. 

When it comes to finances, I have learned to focus on the things that truly makes a difference in our lives. Me and my team are committed to affect REAL change in our lives, the lives of the people around us, and the lives of our clients

If you can begin to understand that finance is a tool that intimately and actively shapes our lives. And if we use it correctly, we can totally change our lives for the better. 

The best place to start is with the biggest and most important investment you will probably make in your lifetime which is your HOME. 

There are so many aspects to qualifying for a home purchase or refinance, figuring out what's the best strategy, what's the best product, for both short term and long term... It can seem overwhelming and daunting even if you already own a home.

My name is Richard Le and I'm a mortgage loan officer and I pride myself in taking the burden and complexity of mortgage financing off your shoulders and helping guide you every step of the way to ensure you achieve your financial goals.

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