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Extreme Finance Accelerator
  • Leadership: Most people don't consider themselves a leader because they don't hold a position or title of leadership. Ask yourself, who is the CEO of your life? Shouldn't you build your leadership skills to design the life you want?
  • ​Credit: You will learn credit repair, credit strategies, using credit for FREE travel, learning about student loan forgiveness, debt settlement, tax resolution, and more.
  • Cash Flow: You'll learn the fastest way to eliminate your debt, but more importantly how to INCREASE your cash flow part time or full time.
  • Assets: It doesn't matter how much money you make if you're not financially educated enough to put that money into assets, ideally cash flowing assets that will fund your lifestyle and retirement. 
What's Included?
The Extreme Finance Accelerator is a financial boot camp and a growing community that will give you the tools, education, and training necessary to build your credit and cash flow for the purpose of buying your dream home while positioning you perfectly to begin building wealth.

What's included?

- Credit Repair: FREE
- Q&A Sessions: 2x per week 
- Private FB Group: Lifetime access
- Coaching Calls: 1 on 1 - Once a month 
- Mortgage Blueprint: Customized for your situation
- Extreme Finance Accelerator: Digital financial boot camp

Clients Served
6 Figure / Multiple 6 Figure Students
Private Mentorship Students
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Extreme Finance Accelertor
Monthly Subscription 
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  • Leadership
  • Credit
  • Cash Flow
  • Assets
One Time Fee
  • Advanced Real Estate Investing
  • Advanced Marketing
  • Advanced Stock Investing
  • Advanced Sales
White Lotus
mentorship GROUP
Billed $3k monthly, no set up fee.
  • Advanced Leadership
  • World Class Mastermind
  • Elite Level Business Strategies
  • Exclusive Mentorship Group